Meet our alumni and see how their post-Explore career journeys have evolved in unexpected ways.
Li Ting Wang

I am from: Taiwan
My first role after Explore Programme was:
Brand Equity Support Manager in Taiwan
I am current: Field Marketing Manager in Cambodia

1st Assignment - Taiwan
Marketing Operations

2nd Assignment - Malaysia
Marketing Activation

3rd Assignment - Korea
and Portfolio Strategy

In my first role after graduating from the programme in 2015, I managed three brands in Taiwan, responsible for assessing performance, planning marketing strategy, and developing new products. Working as a brand manager in JTI's one of biggest markets enriched my understanding about brand portfolio management.

After a year in Taiwan my entrepreneurial spirit was itching for something more – why not emerging markets? I expressed my keen interest and luckily within a short time I found a position in Cambodia! Of course I jumped at it, and I have been working as a Field Marketing manager in Cambodia, responsible for leading a team and introducing a whole new marketing concept to support its rapidly growing business. Everything needs to be built from ground up here, and I could not have imagined to take on such big responsibility at early stage had I not been exposed to almost all the key functions under the big JTI umbrella during my time in the Explore programme.I took the JTI bull by its horns and really drove to build my dream career.

Trent Park

I'm from: Korea
My 1st role after Explore Programme was:
Business Development Manager in Korea
I am currently: Brand Equity Manager in Korea

Best Part of Explore

1st Assignment - Korea
Field Sales Operation

2nd Assignment - Malaysia
Marketing Activation

3rd Assignment - Singapore
Brand Marketing

1After graduating from the programme, I returned to Korea as a Business Development Manager and led various local projects, such as the new sales force KPI incentive scheme, and the "route-to-market" business model optimization. After 3 years in the role I moved on to brand marketing, and have since been responsible for managing the Mevius brand in Korea.

I had a clear vision of becoming a well-rounded marketing expert and knew the key to success is diversity in experience. From Day 1 in the Explore programme, I started to build an illustrious portfolio of responsibilities: as a sales representative on wheels I visited 320 outlets in Seoul and directly engaged with retailers with the sales pitch. Creating consumer engagement programs in Malaysia and leading the retailer show in Singapore equipped with me different skill sets and knowledge. Brand management needs a holistic approach – a brand manager cannot take the wheel all by himself. Being in the programme taught me the important lesson of maintaining a balanced view in business management – to be culturally sensitive, take different opinions into consideration to make the most optimal decision in given situations. Having this professional mindset has earned me respect from colleagues but at the same keeps me humble as I advance through my career.

Andrea Lagdameo

I'm from: Philippines
My 1st role after Explore Programme was:
Assistant Brand Manager in Philippines
I am currently: Marketing & Sales Manager in Laos

1st Assignment - Philippines
Best Part of Explore

2nd Assignment - singapore
Sales Operations

3rd Assignment - Taiwan
Brand Marketing

My first role after Explore was managing Philippines’ biggest brand, Winston. I was the main driver of new product development in charge of all brand marketing activities, handling day-to-day product management and developing the strategy to drive sales growth and brand image. Less than 2 years’ time I had another exciting opportunity to work with the regional team in Hong Kong as a Marketing and Sales Manager. I worked as the Regional Project Lead for deploying an internal marketing data platform to 5 Asia Pacific markets.

Then another opportunity knocked my door – a Marketing and Sales Manager position in Laos. My experience in both marketing and sales as an Explore management trainee well prepared me to be the perfect candidate. I said “yes” right away because it’s a rare opportunity to start market operations from ground up and I wanted to be part of it. I have been in the position since and I’m responsible for establishing fully functioning market operation, focusing on building our sales organization, developing impactful portfolio/brands, and driving consumer activations. I manage our exclusive distributor in the market with a full marketing and sales team dedicated to our business. I am the first ever JTI employee in the market! The program drastically accelerated my career, it has put me on the radar for many important opportunities which has continued to make my career in JTI exciting and fulfilling.