Your candidate journey begins when we invite you to next steps. Detailed recruitment process schedules may vary slightly depending on the location you are applying to, and the local HR team will reach out with details. Here’s a bit of insight into your journey.

  • You complete an online questionaire delivered to your email
  • We learn about your unique personality & working behavior style - an introductory understanding of who your are.
  • Be candid with answering! There is no right/wrong answer
  • Ensure to finish the test before the interview date

  • You meet with HR and and/or JTI manager(s) to share with your story and learn more about the company and the programme.
  • We connect with the real person behind the resume - life story, career aspiration, energy.
  • Be honest, open, warm and genuinely interested in sharing your story
  • Prepare a great summary of your life and career
  • Study about JTI

  • You are invited to complete a number of different exercises and get a better insight into the role. Structure and type of exercises will vary depending on the location you have applied for.
  • We assess the full range of skills and personal attributes required for the Explore trainee role.
  • Be confident – we also assess how you work under pressure
  • Showcase your total package of professionalism – not just knowledge or competitiveness
  • Build a good rapport with assessors is as important as how well you perform exercises

  • You meet with a panel of JTI interviewers and get a chance to better understand the job and how potential future co-workers interact.
  • We assess how you interact & communicate with multiple interviewers and confirm the good fit with JTI.
  • Avoid giving generic answers – be specific with your experiences
  • Be ready to ask smart questions
  • Assess yourself if JTI culture fits to your idea of workplace

  • Your candidate journey typically ends with a face-to-face interview with JTI leadership team.
  • Our leaders care about who joins the organization and take time to get to know their potential JTI colleague – you!
  • You've made this far – don't be nervous
  • Understand the significance of the position and the strong connection to the greater vision of the company