Low Chung

My Rotational Assignment were in Myanmar and Malaysia. Learning journey included Sales Planning, Field and Trade Marketing, Brand Marketing, Strategic Insight.


Best Part of Explore

Explore is such a perfect name for this programme because the best experience is the key finding in the journey of our own exploration; and mine is the enhancement of “I-can-do-attitude” that I develop throughout my journey with the support of JTI open-culture and the multidimensional exposure to the business through rotating my areas of expertise in both marketing and sales.

To future explorer

It required you to be more open to new cultures, experiences, people and willingness to keep learning.

Work hard and play harder resonates the experience I’m living in through Explore. Living on your own in a new country enlarges your horizon views of the way you see new cultures, different thinking processes and perspectives and at the same time to open new pages of the world via the power of travelling. Also, I have made quality friendships along the journey.

Areas of expertise rotation is never easy. Some days, I’m dealing with customers on ground, while other day, I get to involve in a high level discussion with the management team on new product development. However, the supporting culture at JTI does allow me to comfortably seek help and guidance at any time possible. I really value this rotational assignments due to its long term impact and limitless opportunities which shapes my future career and in each stepping stone.

This programme has prepared me not just to be ready for a manager role when I go back to my home country but perhaps a further leadership experience for the unseen future.

Sungkar, Farah Mutiara

My Rotational Assignment were in Hong Kong and Korea. Learning journey included Sales, Portfolio Strategy & New Product Development, Brand Marketing.


Best Part of Explore

The opportunity to work with different team from different cultural background, really help you learn fast and grow faster! Also you make friends for life!

To future explorer

Having a curious mind, being proactive, open and always give your best!

Given the opportunity to be a part of Explore, learning from 3 different market, with a different role in every assignment was a very rare yet an amazing opportunity. This programme really help further develop myself by having to adapt to a new culture, new languages, new team, and a different market dynamics in a short period of time. Truly a unique way to learn the business.

JTI is a company that really value their people, they truly care of your development. There was no lack of mentoring in JTI (as long as you stay proactive and curious of course!) having to report to different managers and directors really stretch your knowledge, because they gave constant feedback and directions. One thing that strikes me the most, whichever market you go to, the office culture are very similar! people are very open, supportive, and friendly, i never feel like i am alone in a foreign country. Truly an amazing experience.

Cherina Low

My Rotational Assignment were in Indonesia and Hong Kong. Learning journey included Brand Marketing, Field Marketing, Portfolio Brand and Trade Strategy.


Best Part of Explore

The best part of the program are the people you meet and places you go. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.

To future explorer

Be open to challenges, don't be afraid to speak up and experience everything there is to experience

Joining the Explorer program opened up new doors for me that I never knew I could try and excel at. Experiencing 2 years in different key functions in different markets enabled me to expand my career view beyond what I had in mind initially. Meeting new people and having different mentors gives you more opportunity to gain different experience and knowledge. The added bonus during my assignments were the fun times I had with the local colleagues, not only did I made lasting friendships but also gained an extended JTI family.

The one common thing I could take away from my 3 assignments was that even though I was a trainee, my opinions and suggestions were heard and taken into consideration. People treated me as their equal and more importantly placed their trust in me. The openness and friendly culture that I experienced made all the difference in working in different markets.