Jorge Da Motta

JTI in Asia Pacific has long understood the importance of having a talent centric approach across the company for us to succeed and grow our business in this exciting region. Given significant acquisitions made in recent times, the need for a large Asian talent pool grows ever more important and is central to us building on our future at JTI. With this in mind, we place a strong emphasis on our pan-regional Asia Pacific Management Trainee Program, Explore, and the critical role it plays in implementing our strategic growth plans.

The Explore program was developed to find high potential and mobile talent for our markets – people who can make a real difference right from the outset given the level of responsibility afforded to them early on in their JTI career and the many opportunities that are open to them. The program is well-respected across the business and as such our Graduate Explorers are also held in high regard given their many achievements and success to date.

One of the reasons why Explore has proven so successful is because everyone involved in the program is so committed to making it work. Not only the regional and market teams but especially the Explorers who have proven themselves time and again not only because of their accomplishments but also their dedication and positivity throughout their rotational assignments.

So why join Explore? I believe there are many good reasons to join some of which I have alluded to above – good career progression opportunities at an international company, the chance to live and work in other Asian countries while on assignment, the possibility to play your part in driving the business forward from a young age, and the list goes on. But what really sets JTI apart are the people.

We’re building a business for the long term, with a spirit and culture of respect where people genuinely connect with each other and are trusted to be accountable and make things happen.

We encourage you to be yourself and to have fun along the way. We succeed together and know that the very best teams comprise of individuals who have the space to shine. This is when great things happen. It is why we’re one of the world’s fastest growing tobacco companies, employing ~26,000 people across 13 countries in Asia alone. And it’s why when people join us, they stay, finding a real place for their talents in our team. If you’re ready to join us on our journey here in Asia Pacific and have the desire to make a difference along the voyage, then we are ready to call you an Explorer.

Mike Griffiths

We’re a few years into the Explore programme now, and we’re already seeing some of our earlier recruits being promoted, which is great news. I think this really demonstrates that what we’re doing in the programme is right, because clearly people are recognising that the quality of the Explorers coming off this programme is very good.

One of the reasons Explore is such an attractive programme is that from day one, each Explorer is our employee; it means that once you’ve completed your two-year training, you will be in a management role in your home market and you don’t have to worry about whether we have a job for you.


And then there’s the international aspect; JTI is a company that values diversity – all types of diversity, whichever definition you want to use – which means great opportunities for young people. You not only get to go to two other markets during your training period, but if you’re good and if you’re mobile once you’ve done your first management role at home, you can do whatever you want to do – you can be international and drive your own career, which is a really great and unique opportunity. Some of our graduate Explorers are already moving out of their home markets to take up other roles elsewhere and I don’t think it’ll be long before we start seeing them moving outside the region or even to our international headquarters in Geneva.

So if you’ve got the right attitude, the right application and the right ambition, then good luck with the interview! If you get through and join the Explore programme, you’ll be fine; just enjoy it!